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What Is Intuition?

Updated: Feb 23

Authored by Lynn Salmon-Easter 4/07/2021

photo by Stacy Marie on Unsplash

Can you remember a time when you just knew something to be true? Or you made a decision from a gut feeling? These experiences could be referred to as using your intuition. Sometimes intuition is referred to as our sixth sense or following our instinct or hunch.

Every human has intuition. It is a natural and organic part of life and something all humans have. Our intuition can be thought of as our deeper knowing. Insight and information from our intuition comes to us through our physical body. The language of intuition is our feelings.

Intuition can be defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. It helps us to know something in life from an instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. When we are in tune with our intuitive knowing, we can live from a more authentic place and step into our truth with more ease.

The key to working with and developing our intuition or deeper knowing is to become more aware. To live more in connection with our intuition, we have to sharpen our awareness so we can tune into subtle energies and vibrations that are giving information to us at each and every moment.

We don’t naturally and easily live from an intuitive place due to the influences and busyness of our modern life. We have been taught to disregard and discount our intuitive and direct experiences. Every human being is intuitive, but not all people pay attention or listen to their intuition. Many people discount the subtle information they receive or experience in their life.

Quite literally, our intuition serves as our inner teacher and guide and is a moment--by--moment tracking of energy as our life unfolds. Listening to our intuition allows us to know what is most true for ourselves in each and every moment. Here are some guidelines that can help us live more in alignment with our deeper knowing and intuition:

  • Be open to intuition

  • Expect that our intuition knows more than we think

  • Act on our inner voice and intuition

  • Breathe and pay attention

Stillness, quietude and calm all foster a deeper relationship with our intuitive knowing. We need to put down our phones and computers and begin to tune into our body and heart if we hope to live in harmony with our intuitive guidance. Below are three key ingredients we need if we hope to develop a deeper relationship with our intuition:

  • Trust

  • Quietude

  • Move out of our head or mind and into our body

Intuition is one of the greatest connectors in our life and our world. Let's create things that connect us and no longer isolate us from others and the world that surrounds us. We can find more connection to others and the world around us simply by being open to our own hearts and intuition.


What Is Intuition? by Sonia Choquette

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