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Distance Reiki: Relaxation & Renewal That is Right At Home

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Authored by Lynn Salmon-Easter 10/26/2020

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality which has origins in Japan dating back to the early 20th century. As a treatment, Reiki addresses healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

What is distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki offers an opportunity to receive energy healing from anywhere in the world and does not require you to be in the same physical space as a practitioner. An energy healing session can help you relax and feel more balanced if you are feeling stressed, anxious or physically drained. The session is performed via phone or video conferencing depending on the practitioner’s preferences.

Engaging in a distance Reiki session can be just as effective as in-person. Some of my clients who have tried both say they prefer the distance sessions. They enjoy being cozy in their own home and there is no drive time required.

How does distance Reiki work?

The word Reiki means ‘universal life force.’ We all have access to life force energy. This energy is sometimes also referred to as chi, qi or prana. Life force energy naturally flows through each and every living being. Distance Reiki is one of the many ways to connect with and channel life force energy for the healing benefit of others.

Energy is not confined to time or place. Since Reiki energy transcends time and physical space, it ‘works’ regardless of where you or the practitioner are located.

Universal energy is present and available at all times and so it is with a distant healing session, the practitioner taps into and channels this Universal energy during the session to use for healing purposes and the benefit of the client.

Who is distance Reiki right for?

Distance Reiki sessions offer clients flexibility as well as an alternative option to support their wellness from the comfort of their own home. It is a perfect option for those that are not able to visit an office where energy healing treatments are usually received.

Having a session take place from your home often proves to be even more relaxing. It has been my personal experience as a Reiki practitioner that many clients are able to move some deeply held energy patterns while participating in a distance Reiki session. I believe this is possible as a result of the client feeling fully supported and safe in the comfort of their own space and home. I have witnessed that a familiar setting for the client aids and fosters a deeper experience within the session.

Get the most from your distance Reiki session

If you are considering distance Reiki, below are a few steps you can take to get the most out of your session. Wherever you are in the world, you can follow these steps to help prepare you to receive the healing energy.

  • Choose a room that is comfortable, quiet and has a place to lay down. It is important you choose a space for your session where you feel comfortable, relaxed, safe, and you will be free from distraction. I generally recommend a room with a couch or a bed.

  • Have items nearby that help you relax into comfort and safety. I recommend finding a snuggly and soft blanket to help you feel cozy. You may also choose to use an eye pillow or simply use a folded hand towel placed over your eyes. The purpose of the eye pillow or towel is to help reduce any stimulation from light in the room. The weight on your eyes can also foster a deeper state of relaxation. This is not a requirement, simply a suggestion. Please do what feels most comfortable for you.

  • Have your phone or computer with earbuds or headphones accessible. Gather any technology and equipment you will need prior to the start of your session. Be sure to familiarize yourself with any technology that is new to you. You don’t want to be overly stressed when it comes time for your scheduled session. Consider using headphones or earbuds for a more intimate experience during your session.

  • Begin by finding your breath. With so many distractions in our modern world, we often forget about our body and breath. Breath awareness is a perfect place to start relaxation and to begin to bring us back into our body.

If you feel a bit skeptical of distance Reiki, please know you are not alone. You don't need to completely grasp the concept of energy healing to gain benefit from the practice. I recommend going into a session with an open mind for maximum benefit.

It is important to note that energy healing is a complementary modality. This simply means, energy healing will aid in the effectiveness of any Western medicine practices or prescriptions already being used.


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